Laptop LCDs SV-ROADWARRIOR 3 Laptop batteries
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Top 10 Features:
1. Car jump start 20 times. Peak current can reach 400A.
2. Reverse charge protection
3. Extreme cold weather (-20°C) Jump starter
4. Full change iPhone 6 times
5. Laptop power supply 2h (DC12V,16V,19V)
6. 12V car electronic products (i.e. car refrigerator) power supply
7. Illumination 24h
8. Warming flashing, SOS signal 40H
9. Weight and size is only 1/10 of traditional lead-acid jump starter
10. More than 3 years lifetime
Detail Specification:
Item Name Multi-function Portable Mini Jump Starter with LED Flashlight, Power Bank
Material ABS
Capacity 16800mAh  LiFe battery
Charging method CC / CV 15V-1A
Output USB 5V/2A;  Starter:12V;  Laptop:DC12V,16V,19V
Starting Current 200A  (can start Diesel and Petrol Car below displacement 2500CC)
Peak Current 400A(3S)
Dimension 165*79*40MM
Weight 500g
Cycle Life >3000 times
Application Jump-Starter, Mobile Phone, PSP, MP3/MP4/MP5, Camera, Pocket PC, PDA, 
Ipad, Laptop, LED Light,burst flashing, SOS
Working temperature -20°C-85°C
Safety protection OVP ,ODP ,OCP ,SCP
Accessories Battery Clip
Car Charger
Home Charger
Laptop Interface
Laptop Adapter Cable
Mobile Phone Interface
Mobile Phone Adapter Cable